Winning in the New Creative Industries

The Creative Industries has evolved since its initial rise. Question now is, how can you make the most of the resurgent creative wave?

28 Oct 2016

Are you a ‘Yuccie’ making the most of the new Creative Industries boom?

If you haven’t heard of this term, we don’t blame you. According to Mashable, the Yuccies are, “Young Urban Creatives. In a nutshell, a slice of Generation Y, born of suburban comfort, indoctrinated with the transcendent power of education, and infected by the conviction that not only do we deserve to pursue our dreams; we should profit from them. “

Putting this strict generational definition aside, we are talking about those of you with a vision for something new, something different. We are talking to those of you with must-see Instagram accounts, funky craft concepts, and business savvy.

Whether you class yourself as a Yuccie or just a budding innovator, with a few new skills and a wealth of will, there is no shortage of things you can achieve in the Creative Industries or any other for that matter.

New Creative Industries Boom
The creative industries are driving a new wave of change and opportunity.

What is changing in the Creative Industries and how does it affect the workforce?

Did you know that as of 2016, 65% more employers are demanding creativity from new and current staff than they were a year before? Or that, as of July this year, Kickstarter has generated at least USD$5.3 billion (AUD $6.9 billion) for creative projects?

On the one hand, this ties back to what we have been touting for a while – work is changing and the skills expected are evolving. You need to know code, design, social media and more to drive most any career in this new landscape. Furthermore, as online personas and employment expert Peter Cutforth has pointed out, we are entering in an age of personal branding and project-based work; something that draws rather heavily on the classic career skills of the creative freelancer.

On the other, this opens up a whole new world for career starters and changers alike, a world where you create the work you want – thus the empowered nature of the Yuccie and the booming Creative Industries scene. Just at the end of last year, The Startup Muster, an annual report on the Australia’s startup scene, was touting that we were “on the precipice of something amazing”. More Australians than ever are thinking creatively about their futures, unleashing entirely new products or redefining the old as per market demand.

Where’s The Opportunity?

The creative industries boom is great for new thinkers and traditional artisans alike.
The creative industries boom is great for new thinkers and traditional artisans alike.

As much as consumers want old fashioned service values and tried and tested products, they strive for something newer, and smarter; something that thing that truly makes their life better. And in response to this, there are growing number of public sector grants and think tanks available to you – all focused on fuelling innovative ideas.

By the same token, creativity and success need not be built around technology, and not every idea needs to redefine an industry. Some of the most revolutionary ideas and opportunities out there involve little more than tapping into forgotten crafts. As reported by The Economist, there are consumers out there who, beyond the want of quality service, are seeking goods made by well-trained professionals, like in the ‘good old days’.

Think of bakers, barbers, florists, garment makers and more – all of whom are reaping the benefits of the increased want of hand-crafted wonders.

Is the creative economy and workforce limited to ‘creatives’?

As we stated earlier, employers want more creativity from their staff – regardless of whether the role is in the Creative Industries or not. Accountants, nurses, builders, counselors and more all have the opportunity to seize upon this Yuccie-driven change.

Former ‘Googler’ and all-around champion for innovative thinking, Pamela Fox says, “I know of a firefighter who programmed an Android app to help his team fight fires faster, and of a psychologist that’s using programming to study how little kids learn about the world.”

Tesla Car
The Tesla Model S – just one of Elon Musk’s many successes.

Is it really possible?

Think of it this way – Elon Musk, the real-life Tony Stark and uber-genius, has created new businesses, technologies, and redefined old ones over and over. He is the mind behind PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop, and recent plans to travel to Mars. But along the way, he has failed plenty of times, in some cases so spectacularly it has been worldwide news; and yet he persists, and he makes great things happen.

In short, this here and now, this full unleashing of the Creative Industries, is a free form future loaded with a million and one customisable options for one and all. Launch a startup, redefine your role, craft something extraordinary – do whatever your creative capacities can muster and own the future for yourself.

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