Australian Fashion Designers: adapting to the real world

Australian fashion designers have to be more versatile than ever before. Sourcing and budgeting to marketing and resale, you need to know it all.

1 Aug 2017

Australian fashion designers are having to evolve their skills and ideas at a rapid pace. They need to be flexible or face being left behind. In other words, like yesterday’s wardrobe, you might be left by the wayside.

But never fear, we’re going to break this down and look ahead at how to be fashion forward in the real world.

Current State of Play for Australian Fashion Designers


No doubt you’ve done your share of shopping online – we all have. This very fact is finally giving traditional retailers reason enough to rethink how they draw you physically into stores. “Retailment”, is all about experience, and digital activation is being used to make all elements of going to the shopping centre more involved and worthwhile to everyday fashion lovers.


modern fashion marketing
Collection creators are also their own digital marketers.

Starting with the ever-diversifying range of tastes out there, you roll in some sustainability, then throw in big data, and what do you get? Today’s all-purpose design challenge. There are so many ways for you to be smarter about what you produce, but also many more considerations to make to ensure your brand remains viable in the long run. There is fast fashion, slow fashion, eco-materials, supply chains, distribution channels, and sub-culture niches all to try.


Digital marketing, including social media, SEO, and e-catalogs, is taking the fashion scene to some exciting new places that are as innovative as they are insane. Play your cards right and you could be like local label Black Milk Clothing, who shaped new fashion trends and a category with little more than an Instagram account. According to recent research, fashion brands typically receive three times as many interactions and followers than most other small business or big brand Insta accounts. In fact, half of the 10 biggest brands on the platform currently are in the fashion space. There is an audience out there, you just have to dive deep and steal their attention from the competition.

The Skills that Kill

As we’ve discussed in the past, to thrive in today’s fashion world, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades, a veritable wearer of many stylish hats if you will. Based on all we’ve covered here and a few other big trends, you should consider learning the following:

  • fashion designers redefining runway style
    This shift is an opportunity for Australian fashion designers to redefine runway thinking.

    Marketing basics

  • Digital marketing (social media, SEO, SEM)
  • Coding
  • Data analysis
  • Website design
  • Public relations
  • Business development

We will admit that it will never be entirely possible for any one person to truly master all of these skill sets. But trying your hardest to get a basic grasp will do you a world of good, the rest can be filled in by collaborating with like-minded specialists.

Remember when we talked about Google partnering with label Ivyrevel (backed by H&M Group) to create “data dresses”?  That’s a top tier example of broadening horizons while collaborating to fill in gaps in knowledge.

Be Fashion Forward

Need more ideas? Guess what, we’ve got the perfect source for you. TAFE Queensland has partnered with fashion icon and artisan turned educator, Professor Jimmy Choo to deliver a series of must-attend events. From exhibitions and business symposiums to master classes, this is your chance to pick the brain of a fashion titan.

This is your chance to ride the wave of change and conquer the new reality of fashion. Register today to discover what happens when beauty meets brilliance.

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