The New Australian Workforce: The Potential of Generation Z

We look at what the workforce has in store for Generation Z and how they can conquer the working world of tomorrow.

16 Mar 2017

We’re entering a new age, one that couldn’t be any further removed from that of your parents or grandparents. Think about it, the Internet of Things, gamification, automation, and globalisation are defining the world today and the Australian workforce of tomorrow.

But hey, this isn’t something to fear. For you and your generation (Generation Z) this is a golden opportunity to hit the ground running. You can dive deep into new roles, industries and more in ways that your professional forebears never could.

Tomorrow’s Global and Australian Workforce

generation z world economic-forum
Leading economic experts having crunched the numbers to understand the what and why of tomorrow’s Australian workforce.

The experts at the World Economic Forum have titled this wave of change as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – and it’s no new thing, as we’ve covered this before. What’s changed in the year since this revolution was titled is that there is a better understanding of what’s coming and how you can make the most of it.

In their own minds, the brains behind this revolutionary logic see a need for a workforce that is truly flexible – one that is global and glocal. This is about how the internet as a whole (and the Internet of Things) can enable us to work how we want, when we want and where we want, in a way that is professional and responsible.

In the simplest terms, from one industry to the next, you need to be able to contribute to your business and local economy while also driving your industry and world further toward a brighter future.

How Employers Will Adapt To Generation Z

According to some of the world’s top employment experts, your generation is bringing about some of the biggest changes to business logic in years. There is a greater call for social responsibility and corporate transparency, for purpose and challenge, all too much the future you want.

Add to this a growing acceptance of flexibility in terms of working times, locations and you get a distinctly different Australian workforce to that of your folks.

Emerging Industries and Roles

This is your opportunity. You can learn the right skills and apply every bit of your ambition as you push existing industries forward and establish new ones.

Some of the new industries and roles for you to own include:

australian workforce generation z architects
Generation Z will have the exciting challenge of designing the buildings and cities of tomorrow.

Eco Builders

One of the growing industry niches and job opportunities is the demand for greener design and construction. This involves a merger between horticulture, agriculture, architecture, and construction that results in the creation of office towers and homes that live and breathe.

Internet Architecture and Smart Urban Planners

Between the Internet of Things and the development of “smart cities” there is a growing demand for a new era of industrial designers, urban planners, coders and project specialists. This assortment of emerging experts will be the ones enabling a new era of social interaction, home automation and urban integration in towns and cities the world over.

Artificial Intelligence Specialists

The rise of the machines that many have predicted will wipe countless jobs off the map actually has an upside – new roles. For every robot and smart machine out there, we need the masterminds to build in the necessary intelligence. This is a new breed of human-centric coders and systems specialists, who are able to create intuitive programs and machines unlike anything we have seen before.

Sharing Economy Analysts

Between Uber, Airbnb and other similar businesses a new economic model has emerged – the sharing economy. We need a new style of business analyst and development manager, ones who can facilitate and drive sharing markets and opportunities. Who knows what the next shareable idea may be.

The Skills That Pay The Bills

workforce generation z tech skills
Conquer the workforce of tomorrow by becoming flexible and tech savvy

Did you know that part of being so flexible, responsive and responsible involves being as tech-savvy as you can be?

According to the tech experts over at Wired, the ‘blue collar’ workers of tomorrow are coders – meaning that coding will be among the most basic of employability skills in the years to come. Combine this with a growing demand for transferrable and creative skills, and you can see how flexibility and adaptability are already changing the game.

Luckily for you, there are a plenty of practical ways to attain a broader job-ready skill set. TAFE at School can help you tap into up-to-date hands on training that goes beyond normal classroom thinking.

The sooner you get started on skilling yourself for the future, the sooner you can make it your own.

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