Cheap healthy lunch recipes for students

Keep your mind and body fuelled without breaking the bank with even more cheap and fresh recipes that are perfect for study.

16 Jun 2016

Welcome to the second of our cheap eats series!

As we covered last time, eating well keeps your energy up – allowing you to get the most out of work, rest and play. And while it’s well and good to start the day with a healthy, hearty breakfast, it shouldn’t be the be all and end all of your nom-tastic nourishment. Whether you have it at midday or mid way past 3.30itis, lunch is essential – even the government is eager for you to eat well.

Here are a couple of fantastic cheap, healthy, lunch recipes for students you can whip up quickly and cheaply whenever you’re hankering for a quality lunch break.

Lunch recipes for students

young woman preparing vegetables
Making your own meals is easy – and delicious!

No healthy and and delicious recipe these days would be complete with a dose of quinoa- a current superfood that’s superfast to cook. This Quinoa Recipe has added broccoli and cashews, and could be used as a base with some roast chicken or baked tofu pieces on top. Even if you’re not a fan of chicken or tofu, this is a super adaptable base recipe you can use to whip a variety of lunches to match your budget, pantry and appetite.

Our easy to alter base recipes don’t end there. If you enjoy a tasty take out, this recipe replicates Sesame Chicken with a number of variations. Add extra greens, use different meats or add your favourite veggies, it’s the sauce that makes this great.

But wait, what if you need lunch on the go? Here’s a recipe for students to help you make a flavourful Chicken Fajita, or two – making this ideal for sharing with friends or as an easy dinner back up.

Here’s hoping your recipes for students collection and bank balance are looking healthier than ever. Stay tuned for dinner suggestions!

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