Commercial Cooking and Hospitality: Looking Ahead in 2017

In the heavily subjective spaces of cookery and hospitality, riding the trends is as important as setting them. Let's look ahead to what's next.

22 Jun 2017

The hospitality industry, both in terms of commercial cooking and service, is one built on the idea of experience. From the moment the restaurant first catches your eye, they want your mind whirling and your mouth watering – a feat which is growing infinitely more complex as time rolls on.

In 2017, the expectations of menus, service staff, waiting and convenience have shifted significantly from what they were a few years ago. This honestly comes as no surprise, with some researchers emphasising the extent to which Australians have changed their minds about everything from portion sizes and cooking sizes to means of delivery.

What does this mean for you, the budding server or culinary champion? Well, there is a wealth of trends and industry changes to keep in mind as you either seek employment or ready your own food empire.

Commercial Cooking

new ideas for commercial cooking
Think you’re ready to invent the next food trend?


As it turns out appealing to everyone is not the best way to operate in 2017. Today’s foodies are looking for niche foods and specialty eateries. Whether it is vegan Asian desserts, Korean-Mexican fusion, or something else entirely, people are hungry for something that is one-of-a-kind (at least for what’s within driving/bus distance).  What this means is that new chefs need to take their commercial cooking skills and apply them in new and inventive ways – which is actually a fun challenge to have.

European Take Over

Unsurprisingly for our geographic position, Australians have a long love affair with Asian food – one that may be coming to an end, if not becoming a gastronomic love triangle. New European flavours from Nordic region and France have found their way to our shores and are quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Hospitality Service and Management

new era of home delivery
Long gone are the old days of quick food pickups – bring on the drones!

New Delivery Vehicles

While there is much to be said about third party delivery apps (UberEats, MenuLog etc), they are already old hat. The next step forward now is a change in vehicles used to deliver food to homes. The investment into aerial and road drones is increasing alongside interest in the future possibility of driverless cars.  This means presentation, packaging, added extras etc. may well become the way to deliver a personal touch with future deliveries.

Strategic Marketing

For all the growth seen in the industry in recent years, the competition hasn’t been any less cutthroat. To survive you need to do more than have the trendiest, tastiest food – service, admin, and management staff need to be on the front foot with all things digital. Whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Zomato, you need to work to the sharing and food hunting habits of generations young and old.

Celebrating the next generation

The Apprentice Chef of the Year is our way of seeking out and celebrating those who represent what’s possible within the commercial space. Whether you are studying cookery, patisserie or baking, we encourage students to show pride in what they are capable of. A nomination alone could be what sets you apart in job applications and other competitive spaces in the future.

Talk to your teachers today to find out more about the competition.

Eager to join the industry?

For those of you not yet in the industry and are excited by all we’ve covered here, TAFE Queensland has a range of highly recognised, hands-on commercial cooking and hospitality courses for you to dive into.

This is an opportunity to build your own food empire. Why wait to make great?

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