Creative Industries: how to feed your passion and pay the bills

Creativity and culture go hand in hand, which is why it's important that we help you find smarter ways to fund and fuel your imagination.

29 Aug 2017


The creative industries are a vital part of society, they always have been. Creative types have been crucial to culture, education, and business for as all of recorded history in fact.

job opportunities in creative industries
Tech & media consumption are unleashing fresh opportunities for creative thinkers.

Along with this fact is another unchanging one – it takes real balance and strategy to thrive as a creative. Being creatively fulfilled and financially viable enough to do more than pay the bills is one of the ultimate goals of many in the arts.

Creative industries opportunities today

In fashion, jobs in this space have been growingly steadily over the past five years, with opportunities just in Australia hitting upwards of 10,000 by 2020.

While the shifts in TV and film viewing habits have done more to grow and evolve the production industry in Australia and across the world, with another 10,000 local job openings available in the coming years. Alongside this is the new era of blogging and other new forms of written entertainment, which is creating a lot of opportunity for anyone good with a gift of the gab and a love of social media.

You don’t have to be a starving artist

This is where soft skills such as commercial awareness come into play  – this is an understanding of the essential processes required to make any business or organisation successful through either provision of service or the selling of products. This is a big part of being a creative today – being multi-talented, with many hats and skills.

As for said hats and skills…

Try a hybrid career

hybrid careers fund your creative industries projects
You might be surprised how useful your Creative Industries could be to other sectors.

Look at your creative field – writing, design, music, etc – and then at what day-to-day jobs demand your unique skills. For a budding novelist, blogging/content writing, for a musician be a backing band player, for the designer there is branding.

These otherwise “ordinary” roles allow you to earn an income, gain business and build essential connections. In the mean time, you can be crafting a fashion collection, piecing together a literary masterwork or polishing your next album. This is the simplest blend of commerciality and creativity most artists can attempt.


There are two sides to this:

  • Educate yourself in business, technology, and other areas to allow yourself to be more commercially focused and adaptable. This can allow you to broaden your creative projects for whatever income stream or client and increase your chances of the previously mentioned hybrid career option.
  • Become an educator! Grow the love and use of your preferred art form by teaching it to others. This can not only earn you a steady income, but also connect you with potential collaborators and clients.

Thinking outside the box

creative industries business ideas
There are an infinite number of ways you could use your creative skills to craft a must-have product or service.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the world we live in now can provide an infinite number of opportunities for anyone who is enterprising with their thinking. Look at your creative output and skills and think hard about how and where it could possibly fill a need for everyday people.

Can you create artwork for the home? Write custom greeting cards? Provide boutique live music performances? Create one of kind slow fashion pieces? Creating a business that makes the most of your talents is more than possible, current student Iman creates Snapchat filters and graduate Emma is becoming the local queen of cake.


An extension of thinking outside the box and the hybrid career is collaboration – coming together with other creative and skilled professionals to boost the potential of ideas and projects. As you can see, connecting and working with us has been a common theme, and for good reason. After all, creative works are all about sharing and uniting.

Need more ideas?

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