Fashion Design: what does the future look like?

The world of fashion design is constantly evolving but never more so than recently where fashion designers now have the opportunity to skip the middle man (and the flight to Paris or Tokyo) and still launch their labels with success.

3 Nov 2016

The world of fashion design is constantly evolving but never more so than recently where fashion designers now have the opportunity to skip the middle man (and the flight to Paris or Tokyo) and still launch their labels with success. 

As in many industries, particularly across the creative sphere, the Australian fashion design industry has come of age and is well and truly hitting its strides on the global stage. Australia’s unique style is moving from a provincial status to a point where the eyes of the world are transfixed. This is mainly due to the influence of e-commerce tools and the opportunity to link cashed-up buyers directly with your brand, all through the internet.

Forbes tells us that the fashion industry is flourishing for the innovative designer and quotes IBISWorld Senior Industry Analyst Lauren Magner as saying that technology is allowing many emerging labels to build their brands in new and resourceful ways, and such tools allow them to build the all-important local and international following.

Given the widespread and growing use of social media, the Australian fashion industry is now in a position to enjoy advantages that have otherwise been hampered due to the geographical distance limitations. Now that we all have smart devices that allow fashion designers to photograph, market and sell their clothing online, there is no stopping them.

It’s no secret that humans love a shortcut and enterprising creatives seized the opportunity to gather cult followings for their labels and clothing through social media in a cart-before-horse situation reversal from the traditional ‘distribution-first’ model. Traditionally, brands have had to work hard to position themselves in such a way as to get in front of large organisations and conglomerates to be stocked in retail outlets before consumers even had a glimpse of what was on offer.

Online commerce and community sharing websites such as or Instagram mean that gaining popularity and cultivating fans has never been easier. This straightforward approach allows brands to link directly with the end user instead of trying to cultivate and nurture business relationships before stock even hits the shelves.

Taking your label direct to the customer has never been easier and if your heart is firmly set on studying fashion design and moving into the fashion industry, there is no better starting point than TAFE Queensland Brisbane, undoubtedly the fashion training hub in South-East Queensland.

Connect with industry before you even graduate

In late September, the fashion department at TAFE Queensland Brisbane and University of Canberra burst into colour and action. Visiting Professor Julian Roberts from the London College of Art inspired the Bachelor of Applied Fashion students and Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology students with his unique and unusual style of pattern cutting, known as Subtraction Cutting. Fashion innovator Julian Roberts

His techniques disregard traditional paper patterns and replace it with a process which sees a dress as a tunnel where hollow shapes are formed through an origami like process. The students spent two days with him learning his technique that is characterised by non-traditional garment draping and the utilisation of almost every part of the fabric.

Students were delighted with the workshop as it not only gave them some insights into day-to-day life as a designer, but it also gave them the opportunity to learn a unique cutting style straight from the horse’s mouth. In just two hours, class participants turned out 22 garments.

Hone your skills in world class facilities

With two a la mode fashion training centres located at South Bank and Mt Gravatt, students learn the tips and tricks of the trade in top notch facilities.

In particular, Mt Gravatt is Brisbane’s major fashion learning hub and is the perfect choice for students looking to launch themselves into the fabulous world of fashion. Equipped with numerous sewing machines, overlockers, computer labs and cutting rooms, fashion students have everything they need at their fingertips to bring their creations to life and ready to hit the runway.

Graduating TAFE Queensland Brisbane students have gone on to create or work for a host of successful labels including Billabong, Marc Jacobs, Easton Pearson, Black Milk Clothing and the like.

Upcoming events in the fashion space

There is no time like the present to get amongst the fashion world at TAFE by experiencing first-hand the cutting edge facilities at our campuses.

Discover an interactive playground at our South Bank campus for CRE8 Brisbane 2016 on 17 November. Open to the public, this *free* event features live music, food stalls and student displays – prepare to be inspired.

For the true aficionados, Mt Gravatt’s annual fashion showcase event is an essential. Register to secure your seats to Neoteric, a celebration of futuristic innovation from our 2016 graduating class to catch a glimpse into the future of fashion today.

Feeling inspired? Enrolments are now open. Whether you’re considering Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology (LMT60307) or a Bachelor of Applied Fashion in partnership with the University of Canberra, you can be sure that your skills are being honed from within a buzzing nest of experienced fashion teachers who have worked in the industry and are committed to your success.

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