Collaboration in the Fashion Industry

Two heads are better than one in the fashion industry, with data scientists, grocery stores, and fans are all playing their part in new ideas.

22 May 2017

The Australian fashion industry, in terms of both design and retail, is one that is forever about collaboration. All in the industry, whatever their background or goal, designers are willing to work together to unleash looks and pieces matched to every possible taste and budget.

It is with this in mind that the fashion educators and students at TAFE Queensland decided to celebrate the idea of ‘unity’ and coming together at their upcoming Mid-Year Fashion Parade.

Coalesce fashion parade at Mt GravattCoalesce Mid-Year Fashion Parade

Fashion students from all levels, with a diverse range of tastes and creations, have come together with educators, events students and more to present a unified vision of fashion’s future. The night is a showcase of all that our budding designers and all-round creatives have to offer people across Australia and the world in the years to come.

Hosted at the Mt Gravatt campus, student portfolios, concept pieces, and completed collections will be on display for a guest featuring past graduates, friends, family, industry heavyweights and eager fashionistas from the public.

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A New Learning Style

How do collaborative designers come about? We spoke to TAFE Queensland Fashion teacher Susan Binnie about what it is TAFE does to fuel collaboration in fashion.

In her own words:

In the fashion department at TAFE we pride ourselves on educating well-rounded designers, who can work independently and creatively, whilst also understanding the importance of being part of a unified team.

When I talk to students they themselves talk about the difference made with like-minded creative teams working toward a single goal. They speak of the fact that no one is ever truly alone in the creative process, whether it is for their own individual collection or part of a bigger project.

Students graduate with a broad knowledge of design, technologies, production, textiles and marketing.  And understand the importance of collaborating with other creative minds and team members to strengthen their involvement in all areas of the fashion industry.

Collaboration in The Fashion Industry

two fashion industry veterans share their ideasWhile yes, there are plenty of examples out there of labels working together, the truly exciting collaborations in recent years have focused on new ways to be marketable and wearer-friendly.

At the big end of town, the unified vision for the future of fashion is data-centric. The prime example being Google partnering with label Ivyrevel (backed by H&M Group) to create “data dresses” that are customized to fit an individual’s daily activities and lifestyle choices.

Locally, we have the likes of Collette Dinnigan partnering with supermarket chain Aldi to launch a range of simple but fashionable children’s wear that is highly affordable. Or even more locally, small Brisbane labels have been known to crowdsource ideas for new lines, even using crowdfunding to help these fan-demanded ideas get off the ground.

Ready to Unite in the name of fashion?

Collaboration can be a smarter way to plan, design, promote and distribute in a world increasingly defined by sustainability, technology, and quick trends.

In the words of an icon, though not a style one, creativity is intelligence having fun. Whether it’s working with technology companies, supermarkets, department stores or other labels, there really is no limit to what can be achieved when unique minds unite.

Student designer measuring a pieceIf you’re up to the challenge, TAFE Queensland is more than ready to help. Fashion experts such as Susan can teach you all the skills you need to unleash a new era of runway looks in partnership with anyone you choose.

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