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Georgia Hoare has visited the Pyramids of Giza, the Bondi pools, a desert oasis and even the moon, all without leaving her home.

5 May 2016

Like most young people Georgia had no idea what she wanted to do after school, but it was the solace of using art to recreate memories she shared with her late father, that led her to her to pursue her dream job.

“I bought a camera to go travelling with, but instead of saving up for my trip I just kept buying more camera gear. I just really loved taking photos, but didn’t think I’d ever do it as a job.” she said.

“Then my dad passed away and my granddad said to me ‘you need to do something with your life otherwise you’ll waste it’. So I enrolled in the Diploma of Photo Imaging and was studying two months later and then went on to complete my Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts.”

It was her love of landscape photography, the romanticism of foreign lands and memories of her childhood that first sparked an idea of recreating scenes in miniature.

The tiny landscapes, painstakingly crafted with sand, miniature figurines, cement, matchsticks and toy cars can take anywhere between a day and three weeks to build.

“It started as a token to my dad, just a few little pieces of sand and a toy car, because he used to take me four wheel driving on the beach,” she said.


“I like being able to imagine places far away or recreate something I know well, like Jimmy’s in the Mall. I’m hoping to use the photographs to get into advertising because as a piece of art it really stands out and makes you take notice.”
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