High School Study Tips: Conquering Your Course Load

It's time to conquer your course load! Whether you're a natural academic or not, it never hurts to have few added study tips and tricks on hand.

16 Mar 2017

You’re sitting in your room, giving yourself a mental break and it hits you – already part way through the first semester of the year. How did this happen? Where did the time go? What about all the study yet to be done?

Now stop and breathe. You being as spectacular as you are, with all your potential to make great happen, can more than power through this. In addition, we are here to help make sure – with a stack of simple but effective high school study tips for managing stress, finding the right study space and planning.

Maintaining Peace of Mind

Not your average high school study tip – have a crack at meditation when feeling stressed.

Exercise: yoga, runs, walks, playing with the dog – you would be surprised by how much difference a little physical exercise can make. Do a little each day or big chunks set times throughout the week and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Diet: cutting down on the coffee and eating small nutritious meals on a regular basis will keep your mind buzzing and your tension down. There are plenty of tea alternatives to coffee and making a good feed for yourself can be a good way to clear your head.

Meditation: as crazy as it may sound, even the professional pundits over at Forbes are big on telling us all how meditation can ease stress and empower the brain. More and more people are tapping into meditation apps nowadays and getting their zen on before leaping into study or work.

Sleep: notice how we mentioned cutting down on the coffee? This factors into sleep in two ways; if you get sufficient sleep, your brain can do more without relying on a gallon of coffee each day; and less coffee will result in greater ease with sleep.

If you need any added counselling or guidance during tough times, we encourage you to talk with your teacher or VET coordinator for high school study tips, support and more.

Your Home Turf

Setting: it’s ideal to find a spot where you can focus without interruption, that is easy to access and you can communicate with others when needed. Whether this is actually at home, in a library or your favourite café, this should be a space that is suited specifically to your study habits, rather than the expectations of anyone else.

Tech: seeing as most study today revolves around some degree of technology for search, communication or whatever else, we recommend utilising a spot that has ample access to Wifi and power points.

Comfort: Of course, what matters here is that you are comfortable in this location. Consider the lighting, noise, and furniture in terms of what will allow you to sit and focus for long periods.

TAFE Queensland Brisbane has a range of student communal spaces and study zones across our multiple campuses.

Finding Which Study Tips Work For You

school tips study group
Here’s a handy study tip – get together with classmates to swap ideas and notes.

Below are a few added tricks you can use to cut down the stress and amp up your study:

Schedules: it may sound tedious to deal with, but a solid schedule to base your weekly/daily routine around can make a world of difference.

Mentors: a mentor can greatly help you assess your career goals, refocus your assignments, and guide you through the rigours of entering into your preferred industry.

Study Groups: getting together with classmates to share ideas or guide each other can help you and others push on through.

Playlists: whether it is there to help you exercise, meditate, or actually study, a solid playlist can really set the mood. Trust us, it’s why we have more than a few of our own.

At the end of the day remember one all-important thing – you are spectacular and can make great happen when you put your mind to it. You can and will power through this semester.

Trust us.

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