Horticulture and Agriculture: Cultivating New Opportunities

Let's take a look at how the fields of agriculture and horticulture are being redefined both professionally and socially.

19 Apr 2017

horticulture agriculture green thinking
The fields of horticulture and agriculture are helping to fuel a new era of green thinking.

Let’s talk about horticulture and agriculture in Australia.  What do these trends have in common?

  • Since 2014 it has been highlighted that more and more Australians were choosing to buy their fruit and vegetables at markets, direct from the growers.
  • The growth of home vegetable patches across the country.
  • Designers the world over are considering how to integrate nature into our cities.
  • The revitalisation of park spaces.

Well, it’s all things green. An increasing number of Australians are spending and doing more to improve the quality of their fresh food and caring for the environment.

Today, we are looking at this from a career and industry perspective.

The Current Story of Australian Horticulture and Agriculture

As it turns out, our farmers and scientific experts are working hand-in-hand to rethink how we as a nation work the soil. According to the Australian Financial Review, smarter crops, greener fertilisers, and automated machinery are being refined to meet the needs of not just our own population, but also the world’s.

If we switch this over to horticulture, urban planners, specialist horticulturalists, and architects are looking at all the ways we can make our daily lives a littler greener. Even IKEA have jumped on this bandwagon with the creation of a flat-pack eco garden and seating.

Where the Opportunities Are For You

As these industries and their specialist spaces start to grow and blossom into something big (see what we did there?), the changes to existing jobs and creation of new ones is only going to increase.

horticulture eco design
Imagine cities and towns that resemble parks and forests.

Eco Builders

As we’ve reported before, horticulture, agriculture, architecture, and construction are blending together to create of office towers and homes that live and breathe. This means horticulturalists are going to be involved in the design and construction process almost from the start, rather than as a final step.


From the microbes in our soil through to the mega-machinery needed to harvest ever more crops, the engineering, lab skills and other specialisations filtering into the rural and agriculture space are astounding. This means those on the technology end need greater agriculture and horticulture skillsets and vice-versa.

Home Farm Advice

The increase in home owners planning out their own mini-farms/personalised vegetable patches, more and more people are going to need more advice beyond what it takes to cultivate a nice flower bed. In other words, horticulture experts are going to need a wider breadth of plant knowledge in order to provide the right advice.

Hop To It

TAFE Queensland offers a wide range of hands on courses designed to turn your green thumb into a sustainable career. Whether you want to work in a local green house, reinvent local agriculture, or help grow the cities of tomorrow, there’s never been a better time to get into horticulture or agriculture.

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