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The ultimate Gig Week guide.

26 Oct 2015

Want the insider info on this year’s Gig Week bands?

TAFE Queensland Brisbane’s music students will be going head-to-head to compete for the chance to be named Brisbane’s next big thing at CRE8 Brisbane on Wednesday November 18. Check out our gig guide below to learn more about this year’s stellar acts.


Meet the bands

Gig guide - Ramona


Ramona is a five piece band based in Brisbane. They’re made up of lead vocalist Ellen Skinner, lead guitarist Ryan Stegman, bassist Glyn Campbell, drummer Ben Clarke, and back-up singer/guitarist Tash Baxter. Ramona will make you shake it like a polaroid picture with their set spanning an eclectic mix of genres.

Catch them on Monday at 12.50 pm, Tuesday at 11.50 am, Wednesday at 12.30 pm and Thursday at 1.50 pm.





Gig guide - The Goods
The Goods

The Goods

The Goods are a Brisbane-based, multi-talented band focused on producing quality originals and covers. They are made up of five members with two playing guitar (Greg & Christian), one on bass (Josiah), one drummer (Jake) and a lead vocalist (Camillah).

Catch them on Monday at 1.30 pm, Tuesday at 12.30 pm, Wednesday at 12.10 pm and Thursday at 1.30 pm.





Gig guide - Feather and Stone
Feather and Stone

Feather & Stone

Brisbane-based band Feather & Stone formed in March 2015 after meeting at TAFE. The indie/folk duo, made up of Maddeline and Benjamin draws inspiration from soul, blues and gospel, which is apparent in their harmonies, rhythms and gentle instrumentation. Soft yet soulful, floating yet grounded – just like a feather and a stone.

Catch them on Monday at 12.30 pm, Tuesday at 12.50 pm, Wednesday at 11.50 am and Thursday at 12.10 pm.





Gig guide - Tequila Mockingbird
Tequila Mockingbird


Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila Mockingbird is a saucy cocktail of influences from different walks of life, a splash of flavour from the north, east and south and dash of the tightest riffs imaginable.

Catch them on Monday at 11.50 am, Tuesday at 1.10 pm, Wednesday at 12.50 pm and Thursday at 1.10 pm.




Gig guide - Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery is a 5-piece metal band from Brisbane. Formed at the beginning of their 2015 Diploma of Music at TAFE Queensland Brisbane, the guys thought it would be nice to give people a taste of everything, playing genres from progressive metal to death metal.

Catch them on Monday at 1.10 pm, Tuesday at 1.30 pm, Wednesday at 1.50 pm, and Thursday at 12.30 pm.







Gig guide - Silver Feathers
Silver Feathers

Silver Feathers

Silver Feathers is a three piece, girl-strong band that cover anything from Nirvana to Ed Sheeran and love nothing more than putting their own acoustic pop twist on the classics. The girls, Emily Bremner, Rilla Bray and Cassie Alexander, share a variety of talents like singing, playing guitar and piano.

Catch them on Monday at 11.30 am, Tuesday at 1.50 pm, Wednesday at 1.10 pm and Thursday at 12.10 pm.





Gig guide - Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a three piece alt pop group who have been developing their unique sound since early 2015. Members include, guitarist and indie Queen Elle, R’n’B lover Kimmie on back-up vocals and lead singer and pop fanatic Maddi.

Catch them on Monday at 1.50 pm, Tuesday at 12.10 pm, Wednesday at 11.30 am and Thursday at 11.50 am









Gig guide - Crystal Skies
Crystal Skies

Crystal Skies

Made up of Tim, Tracey, Joe and John, Crystal skies formed at TAFE in 2015. They deliver a solid pop/rock performance that connects to the soul with emotionally-charged vocals and tight guitar rhythms. Their music is a combination of diverse sounds and ideas.

Catch them on Monday at 12.10 pm, Tuesday at 11.30 am, Wednesday at 1.30 pm and Thursday at 11.30 am.



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