Interior Architecture: Equal Parts Art and Science

Jocelyn has used her natural talents and transferrable skills to leap from one industry to the next with greater ease than even she expected.

29 Jun 2017

According to an ever-growing mountain of research, career change has become the norm. From the World Economic Forum through to Forbes and the Fast Company, experts are telling us that a job/career change cycle of once every three years is now standard for Generations X, Y, and Z.

This is very much the case for Bachelor of Interior Architecture student Jocelyn Shield. Despite already being a photographer and an architectural representative, she wanted to do and create more.

Future interior architecture great, Jocelyn Shields
Jocelyn his big dreams and even bigger ideas.

Jocelyn wanted to be the mastermind behind unique experiences; in other words, a career change was in order, one that would allow her to realise her creative vision.

She told us that, “I’ve always had a love for interior design, but wanted to be able to work across the entire process, not just as an architectural rep, so I aimed for the formal qualifications to become an interior designer.”

When creativity flows through your veins, there’s no ignoring it. It calls to you, pushes you to imagine ‘what-if’ day in and day out. Jocelyn couldn’t ignore the call.

“Leaving the workforce to undertake full-time study has been challenging. I’ve really taken a leap of faith but I don’t regret doing this, as it has been beneficial for my career.

It has pushed my boundaries, but I have reaped the rewards from the lecturers. I’m getting a lot of hands-on practical experience.” said Jocelyn.

This has resulted in her first self-run project – a residential house extension; a real test of her skills and a potential framework for her future interior design dreams.

Jocelyn added, “I want to create welcoming small retail, café and residential spaces that truly feel like home. My Degree has really helped with this by honing my existing skills and opening my eyes to things I didn’t know. I’ve even broadened my capabilities to match all that I might need for my own projects.

interior design specifications
Interior design is evolving fast, creating the unique field of interior architecture

“This has included learning the value of time and balancing workloads. This is really going to help me, whether I’m working for others or myself in the future.”

Well ahead of graduating from her degree at the end of this year, Jocelyn has started building her own brand on Instagram by blending her new skills with her photographic past. The account displays her ideas, inspirations, and upcoming projects – a real insight into her creative vision.

With a future that’s been built on a creative past, Jocelyn is surely going to achieve great things. Someday the café culture and hot spots of Brisbane will be tinged with her unique vision, and we can’t wait to experience it.

Did  You Know

According to SEEK, 20% more Interior Architecture Experts & Decorators will be employed in Australia in 2020 (compared to Nov 2015). Add in the growing demand for a reinvention of physical retail, a want of grander dining experiences, and interest in more unique home spaces now is the time to look into interior architecture and interior design.

Why wait to make great with a pathway in interior architecture and design?

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