Meet our student ambassadors

Looking for a friendly face in the crowd or some advice about study? Get to know our awesome student ambassadors. You’ll find them around campus throughout the week as well as hanging out with us at our student events and expos.

15 Feb 2016

student ambasadors effat

Effat Mahdavian Bazehhoor

Skills for Education and Employment

Why I chose TAFE:  I chose TAFE,  because I can receive access to a wide range of world-class training facilities and learning and support services  which assist me during my training.
Best piece of advice for new students: TAFE is the best place to further your education. You can gain advantage in the job market and also use your qualification as a pathway for further tertiary study.


student ambassadors meaghan

Meaghan Davies

Diploma of Graphic Design with an intent to complete the brand new Bachelor of Graphic Design

Why I chose TAFE: I chose TAFE Queensland over other RTOs because of the amazing reputation it has in the field of Graphic Design. It was no question really, TAFE design students graduate with the best skills to gain employment.
Best piece of advice for new students:
You get out what you put in. If you come to all the classes, pay attention and ask questions it puts you in a much better place to do the best work you can do. And do your homework. It is so easy to get left behind if you don’t do your course work as it comes along. Rushed work is never your best work.


student ambasadors caroline

Caroline Kirwood

Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Why I chose TAFE: I want to bring what I’ve already done in my life and am good at (which is geography, planning and communication) together with practical industry training in travel. TAFE Brisbane’s course is the proven industry relevant and accredited option. It was an easy decision.
Best piece of advice for new students: The sooner you get talking to your teachers, the better. They’ll know your name faster, they’ll get to know and care about you, and down the track when you need a reference or recommendation, you’ll be someone they remember. Win – win.


student ambasadors jacobus

Jacobus Beets

Associate Degree in Civil Engineering

Why I chose TAFE?: I chose TAFE because I wanted to understand not only the theory but the practical as well and TAFE does exactly that.
Best piece of advice for new students: The best advice I can give to you as a student is to never doubt in yourself and always look at a positive perspective.


student ambasadors daniel

Daniel Pimm

Bachelor of Contemporary Music Practice

Why I chose TAFE? The facilities are unreal, and the teachers come very highly regarded.
Best advice for new students? Ask the stupid questions, or better yet, there are no stupid questions. Take advantage of the resources and teachers whilst you have them.


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