Networking student Lee combines experience with knowledge

TAFE at School graduate and current Diploma of IT Networking (ICT50415) student Lee Kelly is en route to getting the best of both worlds, by planning to combine work experience with study.

16 Mar 2017

TAFE at School graduate and current Diploma student Lee Kelly is en route to getting the best of both worlds, by planning to combine work experience and study.

Lee is currently studying his Diploma of IT Networking with TAFE Queensland, a decision that happened somewhat unexpectedly. While in Year 10, a conversation with a friend about potentially studying a TAFE subject during Year 11 and 12 at high school resulted in Lee choosing to enrol.

This decision has sparked a change of direction for Lee. Because he enjoyed the TAFE at School program so much and the TAFE approach to teaching, he decided to continue with TAFE into the Diploma of IT Networking

“A friend of mine was talking about studying IT at TAFE and, having always been interested in IT, I ended up enrolling too.”

Diploma of IT Networking student Lee Kelly
Lee Kelly, Diploma of IT Networking

The TAFE at School Experience

Lee enjoyed the change of pace from high school classrooms into the more liberal world of TAFE, especially having the opportunity to be on a more equal wavelength with his teachers, getting out and about on his own and making new friends, who he is still in contact with these days.

“I didn’t really know what to expect, it was great to start something like this with a friend of mine but I really loved making new friends in the TAFE at School course too.”

“I was passing my high school subjects but coming to TAFE one day a week really opened my eyes to how different study can be when you’re focusing on something you really enjoy. The teachers were fantastic and the feeling in the classroom was excellent where you felt like you were working more with colleagues and a boss, instead of just being students and a teacher.”

Diploma of IT Networking - campus life
Life on campus

Simple transition into the Diploma of IT Networking

Lee says that he has also managed to secure some employment in the networking field on completion of his Diploma and he is really looking forward to getting into the workplace prior to continuing on to uni later on.

“It’s nice to have a job plan in place prior to graduating later this year and I’m keen to get some experience and practice some of things I’ve learned at TAFE in a real company. I’m planning to head to uni too and I think studying the Diploma first will be great preparation for that.”

Lee has been quite insightful with his choice of industry, with IT being one of the fastest growing job sectors in Australia.

Students are choosing to study at TAFE and university

Students are increasingly choosing to access university through VET. The benefits are numerous including adding a practical layer to your education, increasing your ‘work-readiness’ and getting you in front of paid employment opportunities sooner.

Choosing a TAFE at School program or taking part in a high school’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) course is a great way to test a study area before committing to a Diploma qualification, and saving time into the bargain.

Depending on the course and study area chosen, students can opt to participate in TAFE at Schools and still obtain their Queensland Certificate of Education and continue to study at TAFE and/or university.

TAFE Queensland Brisbane offers a wide variety of course options through the TAFE at School program to give students pathways into traineeships, apprenticeships, Diploma programs and even university. There is no limit to the options available.

Find out more about the TAFE at School program by visiting our website, downloading the TAFE at School guide or emailing

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