Nursing As A Glocal Career Move

Paul is proving that with enough ambition, a people-first career can take you anywhere domestically or internationally.

29 Jun 2017

“When you look at Millennials, in the workplace, they have an underlying desire to make a contribution, to see that the role they play has a direct tie to a benefit in society,” Jim Link, Chief Human Resources Officer Randstad Recruitment.

millennials looking to change the world
From nursing to innovation, millannials are eager to change the world.

This drive of the typical millennial professional is no joke. More and more, this cohort of up-and-comers is willing to be professionally flexible. Why? To ensure that their day-to-day duties are less about the bottom line and do more to help make the world that bit better.

Paul Zurek-Felton, a graduate of the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (HLT33115) and a current Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115) student, has set aside prospects in his current careers (two in fact) to follow his dream of giving back through better healthcare. Up until now, he has been hairstylist as well a professional track (horse) rider, but this wasn’t quite enough for him.

Paul told us, “I’ve always been a people person. I really love the satisfaction of giving my all to others. Helping someone get from ill health to happily walking out the door is a fantastic feeling”

Paul’s main goal is to help those most in need, whether it is in a remote community or patients in critical condition. In fact, he is willing to take his ambition across the world.

Domestically the demand for nurses is expected to hit upwards of 50,000 by the end of 2019 (according to the Federal Government). Globally, the demand is as high, if not higher, with the likes of the US health system reportedly needing another 439,000 nurses by 2024.

While transitioning a local nursing qualification to another country can often come down to the standards and needs of the local health industry, this doesn’t bother Paul.

Paul Zurek-Felton future nurse
Paul is sharing his incredible energy both on the job and in his nursing training.

“Flexibility to me is knowing that I’ll always have a job if I go from here to England or from England to America, nurses will always be needed. Even if it means doing a local short course to match their needs,” said Paul.

Once he is finished with his current Diploma course, Paul will be moving onto university to gain the qualifications needed to become a Registered Nurse.

Paul finally added that “The support at TAFE has made me, someone who isn’t a natural student, feel comfortable studying. I feel ready for the next step.”

We cannot wait to see what Paul can achieve in the health space, here and around the world in the years to come.

Did You Know

There are currently 89 general hospitals Australia-wide, with each employing large numbers of nurses. Combine this with aged care facilities, doctors offices and more, there are no shortage of places in Australia for a caring person, Generation X, Y or Z, to work in the years to come.
Nursing Around the World

busy hospital ward

As Paul himself has reminded us, nursing is a truly global career. With aging populations the world over and increased demand for specialist care in other fields, the world is your oyster.

Some of the greatest opportunity in this space can be found in developing countries, where enterprising health professionals such as Paul or yourself can truly make a difference. Recent research has highlighted Haiti, Nepal, and Madagascar as some of the top places seeking capable nurses.

Why wait to make great happen in the Australian health sector?

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