Nursing – step into a truly global career

Nursing has the potential to connect with careers and cultures across Australia and the world.

17 Aug 2017

Nursing is a career path typically championed as being wholly selfless and noble, as well as very local. This last fact while not strictly true cannot be faulted – our health system is changing in scale and scope, creating an ever increasing demand for experienced, ambitious nursing professionals.

Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. Nursing is one of the few professions out there that is truly global – those with the aptitude can ply their trade in countries big and small all over the world.

Nursing Skills and Global Careers

According to the Federal Government, the demand for nurses locally is expected to hit upwards of 50,000 by the end of 2019. Globally, the demand is as high, if not higher, with the likes of the US health system reportedly needing another 439,000 nurses by 2024.

aged care practitioner
The ageing population in the Western world is a major opportunity for ambitious healthcare workers.

Australia, Canada, England, and America all present the same basic demand – nurses who can readily handle those with disabilities and with experience in aged care. Yet this is all very first world, with the true source of need being developing nations.

Recent research has highlighted Haiti, Nepal, and Madagascar as some of the top countries seeking capable nurses. As with those working in some of Australia’s indigenous areas, for such placements, you would need to take on added cultural learnings ad some uniquely regional skills.

Planning for a Global Industry

Key educators and nursing experts from across the world have been laying the groundwork for a truly globalised industry for a few years now. Their belief is that it is possible for a unified global approach that allows for elements of localised logic – in other words, become glocal health experts.

Part of this push is the belief that a global approach could allow governments and health systems better adapt to health issues the world over. From obesity and increasing dietary issues through to aged care and changing climates, there is room for a unified perspective and skill set.

Evolving Nursing

nursing digital literacy
A world of opportunity is open to nursing professionals willing and able to work with both change and tech.

As with many professions today, shifts in society are taking the field into new directions. Technology, patient needs, international skill sets and more allow enrolled and registered nurses to redefine what is they can do for providers and patients.

One champion for the evolution of the nursing profession has gone so far as to say that they could be, in their own way, advocates, artists, activists, scholars and global citizens.  This ties into the notion that a nurse in the future will go beyond the current definition of the profession – transferable, creative and adaptive skills and logic will be the sought-after skills sets.

TAFE Queensland and Nursing’s Future

TAFE Queensland is proud to be playing a part in this change, as we continue to evolve our practical courses to match industry needs.  Whether it is job-focused training or pathways into further study, we aim to guide, enable and empower future healthcare professionals who are willing and able to tend to the needs of people near and far.

If you have the drive, we have the training. Why wait to make great?

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