Own It: Future Career Opportunities

With technology not only shifting which jobs are in demand but also how we got about the jobs we already have, the future of the Australian workforce is looking interesting. Let's break down the career opportunities of tomorrow.

24 Oct 2016

Look at you. Young, confident, ambitious, the whole world quite literally at your fingertips; though, what will it take to bridge the gap between your passion and a long lasting profession?

Sure, you will likely have more than 17 jobs across 5 general career paths, but there will be an underlying direction – a grand plan that you’re seeking to put into motion. And again, the question is, are you prepared to make the most of tomorrow’s career opportunities?

Technology and market forces are changing the workforce.

Why The Australian Job Market Is Changing

Technology and market forces are changing the workforce.

Research undertaken by the World Economic Forum shows that smart systems will tackle everything from the way we pay for our groceries to climate change and regardless of the industry, one thing is clear – the pace of transformation is unprecedented. The changes are already happening, and we need to make sure we’re ready for them.

Data collected from 4.2 million unique, online job ads, collated by the Foundation for Young Australians, shows the demand for applicants with critical thinking skills has risen by 158 per cent and a desire for staff with creativity has risen by 65 per cent – a trend which is pegged to keep rising. In fact, enterprise skills traditionally thought of as “soft” skills, such as problem-solving, communication skills, critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy, have been noted to be the most powerful predictor of long-term success.

The same report found that the jobs most likely to survive automation, demand transferrable enterprise skills 70 percent more often. And the good news for you? If you’ve got these skills you’re likely to earn between $3000 and $8600 per year more. This is echoed in research we touched on previously in our post “Which Employability Skills Matter Most” – where adaptability, flexibility, and independence were ranked among the most sought after skills.

Career Opportunities In The Years Ahead

As for what jobs you will be reaching for in the years to come, the next decade and a half will see 40 per cent of Australian jobs largely affected by automation, which will leave some roles by the wayside while also creating a plethora of new career opportunities.

According to the economic boffins at Business Insider, the following roles are going to be in hot demand in coming years:

  • Digital Marketing Officer
  • Digital Creative Officer
  • Digital Risk Officer
  • Analytics Practice Leader
  • People Analytics Officer (Human Resources)
The range of new roles coming in the next few years is incredible.
The range of new roles coming in the next few years is incredible.

The range of new roles coming in the next few years is incredible.

Things are clearly shifting digital. From artificial intelligence to robotics; from nanotechnology to 3D printing, the future is digital and is unfolding before our eyes at a rapid pace.

Alternatively, you could shift away from these roles (which are predicted through to 2020) and look ahead even further. Reports from BRW and Deloitte suggest the following industries are going to boom over the next 25 years thanks to such things as cultural shifts and an aging populace:

  • Aged Care
  • Community care and personal services
  • Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Preventative health and wellness
  • Food and food processing

The Future Is Yours

We believe all this change is a good thing. After all, you’re a spectacular bunch. The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, which has collected data from Gen Ys across the globe, has shown that today’s youth are more adaptable to change, thirsty for knowledge and growth opportunities and fiercely committed to working toward making the world a better place.

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