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With technological shifts, demands of digital marketing and changes in taste, it's never been more challenging or exciting to be working within the visual space. Find out how you can take advantage of what's coming.

2 Sep 2016

The world is changing, and the visuals expected of creative visionaries couldn’t be further removed from the old standard. With every innovation and social shift, a new style is born and a creative paradigm is built around it. Are you ready to marry digital marketing with your photographic vision?

Sign of The Times

Our old friend, the point-and-shoot camera lost its drawn out battle with innovation. Since it was birthed by Canon in 1984, it has served us well, capturing all those precious little moments.

From the moment the smartphone hit the scene in 2007, the point and shoot began to suffer. More and more, parents, travellers and even journalists were leaving their old friend behind in favour of convenience. This is the photographer’s challenge and the designer’s dilemma – one that is constant, and one that we believe can be a source of inspiration.

The Changing Perspective

Evolution of photography
The evolution of photo-imaging and photography

Whether you are looking to become a visual creative, journalist, advertiser or even an enforcer of the law, this impacts you. Why? Because.

As stated by leading creative software source Adobe, in the first 50 years of photography, photographs were reasonably rare and difficult to create. There were photographers, of course, and they were both technical and artistic. But at the turn of the century rolls of film were invented, Kodak launched their easy-to-use products, and much to the dismay of photographers everywhere, suddenly every man, woman, and child could snap away to their heart’s content (within reason).

Fast forward to now, and we’re in a whole new ball game. The way we capture, process, display and share what we see has evolved dramatically in the last decade. Nearly 10 years on from the aforementioned unleashing of the smartphone, there is nary a person in the first world who does not snap, share and tag via this device. At last count, Instagram alone had over 300 million daily active users, with more than 95 million photos and videos uploaded per day. This leads us to the digital era of marketing – one of the biggest users and influencers of photographic imagery.

Welcome to The Digital Marketing Era

As stated by Marketing Magazine, the types of photos (and moments) we are capturing are changing – selfies, friends, foods, and outfits have trumped the special occasion happy snaps of old. Then there are the technology changes; Facebook/YouTube 360 photos, iPhone 6s motion pictures, and Lytro cameras are changing how professionals and amateurs alike record, edit and communicate their visions with audiences. All of this equates to a twofold situation – more possibilities which require a diversity of skill.

Your new skills will be as fluid as the changing definitions of image manipulation and computational photography. You will need to learn to see both the small detail and the bigger picture in both the everyday and the otherwise extraordinary.  You need to think in stills and motion to meet short attention spans and long. Furthermore, you will need to be as mobile as technology allows you to be – share the local with the global and the new world with your neighbourhood.

How to Be A New Era Photographer

Luckily, this new skills list can be readily summarised:

  • Web design
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Blogging
  • Video editing
  • Coding
  • Business basics

Students are already riding the wave of change courtesy of new courses and study abroad programs. Samuel Bamford journeyed to New York with his fellow TAFE Queensland Brisbane students, where the wave of change washed over him.

A city that got a hold on me

“Under” by S. Bamford

My time in New York flew by at a breakneck pace, never once stopping for more than minutes at a time. From day one, exploring the here there and everywhere visually and conceptually was the name of the game, and taking this all in was an exciting challenge in itself. But the real fun was only just starting – from the minute we had our first class at SVA New York, I was in for a mind blowing journey of creativity, learning from industry heavyweights with my fellow junior creatives. I’ll admit there was a learning curve, including advanced Photoshop work to poster design, which I’ve never really done before. Then there was the use of typography, which was a fantastic lesson in enhancing the story I was trying to convey with my images.

“Never” by S. Bamford

The classwork aside, it was great to be able to network with peers and potential employers. The high point of this was a wonderful place called Vault 49, where amazing things happen thanks to the hard working team who artfully make all their work come to life. I was able to see work touched on popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Times, and Levi’s just to name a few. It was eye opening and inspiring to see the scale and range of work I could be doing in the coming years.

What I got to see and do in New York was beyond what could have ever expected. I’m thankful for every second of it; I learnt so much in a small amount of time I was there, and I feel I am now more confident in my work and ready to conquer my goals.

Intrigued by digital marketing? Passionate about photo-imaging? You too can make great happen in today’s visually driven world with help from TAFE Queensland Brisbane. Or you can find out more about our Study Abroad program here.

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