Science Jobs: Developing New Opportunities

We've taken a look at the what and how of science jobs now and in the future.

6 Feb 2017

As we’ve stated before, science is one of the driving forces of the Australian (and the world’s) economy. Without it, there would be no advances – this would mean no new products, new features, markets or much of anything that allows businesses and industries to grow.

The question for the average joe is though, what are the science jobs out there?

The world of science, at home and abroad, is expansive, resulting in an endless number of potential pathways for anyone looking to get into lab work. Rather than tell you about everything and anything happening in science though, we are going to breakdown what’s booming in terms of future jobs.

Science Jobs Today

science jobs making in medical pathology
Between medical pathology and agriculture, there’s a lot of work to be found around bacteria and biology.

According to Federal Government employment data, expectations point to the following in the next three to five years:

  • Between 10,000 and 25,000 added job openings in medical pathology work
  • 5,000 openings for Agricultural Lab Technicians
  • Upwards of 10,000 openings for General Scientific Technicians
  • Between 5,000 and 10,000 openings for Research Managers

Long Term Growth Areas


With a growing global population and a strong wish keep agriculture is a premiere industry in Australia, efforts are being made to make this a must-watch space. The Academy’s National Committee for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is laying the groundwork for the future of Australia’s agriculture industry. Their current work will provide a framework for desired innovations and research planning over the next decade.

Food and Microbiology

Did you know there is now a proven link between the chemicals in your hut (stomach) and your mental state? (And we mean something well beyond being ‘hangry’)

Flowing on the need to advance the growing of food and other essential crops, there is a call for a better understanding of our food and how it impacts us. More and more money is being poured into research centred on gut microbiology, food allergies, and smart diets to ensure that we as a people can continue to eat and be merry.

women in science jobs
The world’s top laboratories are looking for the next generation of female researchers.

Women in Science

We need the next Marie Curie! There is a growing call for more women to enter the field of science. Research groups and labs across the country are more eager than ever to create science jobs for bright young women. This will ensure that the innovations discovered today are representative of a broader community.

Quantum Computing

Australia is helping leading the charge in creating the computers of tomorrow. No, this does not involve being a coding master. Tomorrow’s quantum computers involve an understanding of biology, physics and more to create, resulting in need for more science boffins to make them a reality.

Get into it

Want to get in on the ground level of all this future-focused fun? There’s never been a better time to plan for science jobs.

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