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6 Feb 2017

This might be an old question as far as science news goes, but would you believe us if we told you that Australians were responsible for some of the most relied upon technologies and innovations in the world today?

science news permaculture australia
Science news you need to know – permaculture is changing the world and it’s an Australian creation.

Consider this, according to Australian Geographic there have been some remarkable discoveries and creations from our sunny shores:

  • Google Maps
  • WiFi
  • Pacemakers
  • Blackbox flight recorders
  • Permaculture
  • Electric drills
  • Medical penicillin

And this is just the start. Every year, leading minds in this country are following in the footsteps of the thinkers who brought us the above innovations. They are tirelessly redefining how we work, rest and play in every way.

As for the opportunities, let’s take a look…

The Current Science News in Australia

As defined by the Australian Federal Government, “science is at the heart of industry growth in Australia and will drive our future productivity gains and competitiveness.” In other words, those of you who choose to dive deep into research will be the ones keeping Australia moving forward.

The current ethos of the science community in Australia is one of partnership and collaboration – research groups are being encouraged to work closely with businesses to help drive growth in key industries.  This, in turn, creates opportunities in areas such as food science, agriculture, chemical engineering, and biotechnology to name a few.

Add to this statistics from IBISWorld that tell us that experimental development equates to nearly half of all work in the research space, innovation is clearly the number one priority.

The Global Science News

science news space exploration
Whether you want to head to Mars or want to plan the necessary experiments, now’s the time for you.

Some of the biggest and brightest minds in the world of science have put thought into where research and innovation work is heading in 2017 and beyond. They said that:

  • Rethinking Research: some are talking about changing how research is done, with a focus on whether or not we are carrying out experiments and processes that can be readily and accurately reproduced.
  • Looking to the Stars: NASA and other similar bodies are expected to start ramping up their efforts to reignite space exploration and to develop the necessary technologies and new research ideas around it.
  • Looking Inward: Other scientists are suggesting that we will be taking a renewed look at how the brain works, both in terms of basic hormones and those of food and microbial influences.

World Science Festival

Turns out, there’s a fun way for you and everyone else to get in on the latest and greatest in cutting edge research.

From March 22 to March 26 of 2017 Brisbane will be once again hosting the World Science Festival. First held in 2016, this festival provides an opportunity for thinkers across a wide range of fields to come together and discuss the big question of “what next”.

Whether you’re interested in areas such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or you’re just the curious sort, this week-long event is a change for people of all ages to inspire themselves. Last year’s festival involved talks on new innovations, future research, science fiction, entertaining plays and things are looking great for this year.

Making a Start

Whether you are eager to investigate the latest laboratory techniques now or you’re waiting until after the World Science Festival to get your career in the field started, we can help make headlines in science news in the years to come.

TAFE Queensland Brisbane provides a range of industry informed laboratory and science courses that can help people with various levels of research experience or scientific knowledge. You too could be making discoveries that change the world.


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