Sink your teeth into a dental course

Dentistry is a career you can really sink your teeth into. Sparkly whites and healthy chompers are never going to go out of style.

22 Jun 2015

Whether you want to make an impression with a career in dental prosthesis, gain a full dental technology skill set or get the hands-on training to become a qualified dental assistant, you can be confident TAFE Queensland Brisbane has the dental course for you.

You’ll be learning on top of the line tools in our state-of-the-art clinic, all while rubbing shoulders with industry experts. Practice your skills on real clients and graduate with the hands-on experience you need to get ahead in the job market.

Did you know?

  • Your mouth produces enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools
  • Before modern toothpaste, people cleaned their teeth using charcoal or ground chalk, ashes, burnt eggshells, lemon juice or a honey and tobacco mixture
  • Your tooth enamel is the hardest part of your body
molar bear dental course
Fight enamel cruelty with a dental course


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