Study Online, Abroad or Short: Study Done Your Way

Gone are the days of either studying in stuffy lecture halls, or not at all. Here are a few flexible study options that will make your education work for you.

18 Jun 2015

Once upon a time students were held at the whim of educational providers. That is, until the sector went all Fleetwood Mac and gave us the option to go our own way. Gone are the days of either studying in stuffy lecture halls, or not at all. Whether you prefer to study online, abroad or in short course, there are more than a few flexible options to tame the study beast and make your education work for you.

Find the right course

austin powers

Take a little advice from Austin Powers and ask yourself ‘What’s my bag, baby?’

What floats your boat and plays to your strengths? Want to be a vet, but you hate cats and are allergic to dogs? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your options. Chat to people in the industry and get a sense of what their day looks like. Now work your way back and find the course that will get you the qualifications you need.

Choose from full-time or part-time study

Are you ready to commit to full-time study? If you’re ready, we’re ready. If you want to take it slow and juggle other life commitments that’s cool, too. Respect and mutual understanding is the foundation of every relationship. And we think you’re worth it.

Study online on campus

Do you like to bounce ideas around in the classroom or do you work best in the wee hours of the night? Perhaps you live remotely or can only slot in classes between cooking dinner and catching up on the latest episode of Games of Thrones? If you’re the former, choose the on campus mode, if you’re the latter go for the  study online option. Want a bit of both? We have a range of flexible study options to suit you.

Take the plunge and study abroad

Couple in New York
Study abroad with TAFE

Fancy taking a bite out of the Big Apple or shopping in Hong Kong? Who wouldn’t want the chance to experience a different culture? Even better, you get to immerse yourself in the learning experience and work out how to study in a whole new world. Check out our up-and-coming study abroad opportunities.

Complete a short course to quickly up-skill

You need new skills? We’ve got you covered. There’s a massive range of short courses on offer to give you the skills you need quickly.

Get into the field with an apprenticeship or traineeship

Traineeships and apprenticeships don’t just get you a foot in the door, they let you walk right in. Plus, you get to earn while you learn. What’s not to love?

From study online through to accelerated course, TAFE Queensland Brisbane allows you to study your way. Choose the right course for you today.

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