Take A Break: Caxton Street Festival Survival Guide

Caxton Street Festival is here again, and this year is going to be bigger than ever! We’re here to give you the ultimate survival guide to its 21st anniversary.

27 May 2015

It’s high time you chose to take a break from study. Caxton Street Festival is here again, and this year is going to be bigger than ever! We’re here to give you the ultimate survival guide to its 21st anniversary.

It’s Time To Take a Break

This year’s party kicks off at midday on Sunday 7th June (the Queen’s birthday long weekend)

Getting there

The area around Caxton is notoriously difficult to park in, and you’ll probably want to experience the ‘wine’ component of the festival, so ditch the wheels for this one. If your Nan is too busy playing baccarat to give you a lift, jump on the train or bus.

All stations lead to Roma St, and it’s just a 10-minute walk to Caxton Street from here. When you exit Roma St Station, chuck a right, cross Countess St, wave to the firemen at the Fire Station, and take the stairs up to The Barracks. This will pop you out at the top of Caxton Street.

The tunes

Headlining this year’s festival are the beautiful boys from The Beautiful Girls, supported by some true musical gems, including Phil Jamieson (former Grinspoon frontman), Brissie songbird Thelma Plum, DZ Deathrays, The Snowdroppers, Hey Geronimo, Good Oak, Mark Lowndes, Chukale, The Good Ol’ Boys, The Walters, Will Anderson (the musician, not Wil Anderson the comedian), Dr. Rhythm and Soul Has No Tempo.

Where to stuff yourself

Caxton Street Festival
A small taster plate

Obviously, EVERYWHERE because food festival, but these are a few of our faves.

Gambaro’s Seafood Restaurant

These guys were recently named the best seafood restaurant in Qld at the 2014 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Awards, so you know they’ll deliver something sublime. We recommend making a booking if you’re keen to sample their goods – being number one makes you pretty popular.

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall

This former house of ill-repute has pulled off the ultimate costume change and is now serving great live music, delicious American-inspired nosh, and Brissie’s most impressive range of whiskies.

Top hint: Try the whiskey apple – the hipster’s drink of choice.


As you can probably tell by the name, these guys are all about beer, which is why they stock more than 200 kinds of the bottled variety. They also serve up an impressive menu of Seinfeld-inspired grills and pizzas and deluxe mouth-watering ribs.

Our recommendation: The Will Feral pizza.

Statler & Waldorf
Rip into some ribs

Caxton Street’s foremost gastro-pub really brings it with a seasonal menu that has the option to add bacon anywhere. They offer a sizable range of gluten-free options for those who are intolerant but still like to eat actual real food. Be on the lookout for the homemade duck sausage rolls.

Pop-ups and street eats

The pop-up bars and street-food stalls are what really make this a festival. Keep your eyes and tastebuds peeled for the folk from Sirromet Winery, beers and ciders from the gangs at Rogers and Little Creatures, as well as every conceivable fish, crab, prawn, squid, bug, scallop, octopus and oyster dish around.

Hotel LA will be pumping out finger-licking gourmet burgers, and Black Hide Steakhouse will tantalise the crowd with tasty Korean BBQ beef ribs, Spanish style meatballs and crunchy hand cut chips.

Sweet-lovers haven’t been forgotten – gravitate to Nitrogenie and The Doughnut Bar. They’ll be dolling out decadent desserts all day.

Safety first

Don’t mind if I do…

That winter breeze may have lulled you into a false sense of security, but don’t forget this is Queensland, and sunscreen is a year-round requirement.

Seating is something only early birds can expect, and even then you’re bound to lose your spot eventually. Comfy shoes are the name of the game.

Don’t forget your kidneys – they are quiet achievers. Make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water.


Tickets are available online for $29 +  booking fee, or you can buy tickets at the gate for $35 + booking fee. book your tickets and take a break   ASAP.

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