The broke student’s travel guide

Bank balances are funny old things, and by funny I mean depressing, especially when you’re aching to take a holiday.

4 Nov 2015

Bank balances are funny old things, and by funny I mean depressing, especially when you’re aching to take a holiday.

The Why of Our Travel Guide

What if I told you it was possible to get away without having to sell a vital organ on the black market? Our easy to follow travel guide can help.

After all, life without the occasional break or escape is more than boring – it’s bad for your health!

Switcheroo – home exchange

beautiful house not in the travel guide
Yeah… you’re probs not going to score this place in exchange for your humble burrow.

House swaps popped up long before the interwebs, but world-wide connectivity has seen the idea blossom. There is a home swap site for almost any niche group, particularly throughout Europe. For those wanting to stay closer to home there are sites such as House Swap Holidays or Aussie House Swap. Of course, the one hurdle is finding a mansion-dweller who’s happy to switch their lavish lifestyle to stay in ‘quaint, cozy’ quarters with your flatmates …

House sitting

If your need to hug a fluffy, four-legged companion is as great as your need to holiday, house-sitting is the gig for you. There are a pile of sites littered across the internet hooking up house sitters and sittees. Most people on the search for a house sitter are offering up their home for free in exchange for pet sitting, garden watering or just someone to keep that ‘lived in’ feeling strong while they’re gallivanting around the globe. Sites like also cater for professional house sitters who charge for their services by taking up ‘undesirable’ assignments (usually short-term or last minute). Most sites have a registration fee but who can put a price on the opportunity to stay rent free by the beach while cuddling an adorable ball of fluff?

Rock out for free – volunteering at festivals

music festival that should be in every travel guide
I’ll be backstage.

Nothing says Aussie summer quite like packing the car and heading out on a festival road trip, but it can be a very pricey affair. Cue festival volunteering. The only downside is you need to be prepared a month or two out because volunteer spots at popular festivals fill fast. Most volunteer gigs require you to be on duty for anywhere between four and eight hours a day, but in return you get free entry and sometimes free camping as well. As if that wasn’t good enough, you also get the chance to see the behind-the-scenes, make new friends and it’s a great addition to your resume. Check out the website of your festival-of-choice for more information.


Becoming a WWOOFer is as awesome as it sounds. The fun acronym, which stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms, puts travellers and would-be farm hands in touch with organic farmers all over the world. In exchange for a few hours’ work a day you get free accommodation and food, and get the opportunity to pick up some skills and mingle with locals in exotic locations. Plus you get to tell everyone you’re a farmer and everyone loves farmers. Fact. Check it out at

Sleeping under the stars

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

There is nothing quite like pitching a tent in the bush. If you’ve got the gear and the inclination, check out National Parks websites to find the place that best suits your budget and level of luxury (some sites have hot showers and toilets and others are more…‘rustic’). There are beautiful spots for as little as $4 a night. And really, is there anything better than watching the sun sink over the horizon while cradling a cold drink and thinking about how thrifty and bad arse you are? No, there is not.

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