The GC2018 effect: jobs boom in the tourism, hospitality and events industry

The tourism, events and hospitality industry in Australia is currently experiencing high-growth, especially on the Gold Coast with the upcoming Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, with an anticipated 100,000 visitors to the region next year for the GC2018 event alone.

29 Jun 2017

As Aussies, we all love our sport. So much that you would be hard-pressed to tune into the news and not hear something about the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. And with less than a year to go, some of the important questions to ask are; how will they get here, where will they stay and what will they eat? The tourism, hospitality and events industry is already in a high-growth phase, and the GC2018 is only going to contribute. 

Hoteliers, restaurateurs and event specialists are already gearing up to put their best feet forward with the anticipated spike in tourism, not just on the Gold Coast, but Australia-wide.

If welcoming guests from interstate or overseas makes your heart sing, then for you, the time is now. Queensland, and the Gold Coast in particular, is expecting a boom in visitation during this exciting time. And this boom is predicted to continue with 20,000 new tourism jobs to be generated in the next three years.

Metricon Stadium: the tourism, hospitality and events industry
Metricon Stadium

The good news continues… not only are we anticipating more holiday makers and more jobs to service this growing industry, but the advent of the GC2018 has prompted more than $17 million investment in assets and infrastructure. So there will be many reasons for people to continue enjoying the Gold Coast as a destination for years to come.

TAFE Queensland is proud to be the official training partner with GC2018 but we’re not just committed to training some 15,000 volunteers, we’re also here to develop future staff for the surrounding tourism and hospitality network.

The benefits of working in the tourism, hospitality and events industry

Diners at a restaurant: the tourism, hospitality and events industryWidely known as a fun and sociable industry, other benefits to working in the tourism, hospitality and events industry include the following;

  • Incredible opportunities you never know where your next gig will take you or who you will meet
  • Relationships and network building hospitality is often described as ‘one big family’ and this refers to the specific organisation you work for, and the larger industry as a whole
  • Career progression not only do you have a range of career paths open to you, but this is one of the few industries where people receive rewards and recognition on the strength of hard work
  • Creativity no two days are the same, which is a blessing for some people. You can expect to be frequently called on to put your creative and problem-solving abilities to good use on a frequent basis

What do you need to make your mark?

If you see yourself taking a flying leap into a surging industry, now is the perfect time to hone your skills and get the qualifications you need to put yourself in prime position to nab the job you want. Whether you see yourself as a chef or in a restaurant, bringing world-class events to life or connecting people with their travel dreams, employers will be on the lookout for the right personnel.

Why wait to make great?

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