The most in-demand ICT skills in Australia

As technology evolves, so do the in-demand skill sets in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) field. So before you hit the books, let’s look at what’s available and what ICT skills Australian employers are on the hunt for.

1 May 2015

Cloud computing

ICT skills and content cloud graphicThe cloud industry is expanding at an incredible rate. More people and companies are using the internet to store their information than ever before, with even more growth expected. You’ll find there are plenty of jobs available in this area. This will continue to grow as technology develops further.

Cloud computing is becoming hugely popular, in part due to its flexibility. People all over the world can work on-the-go, rather than being stuck in an office all day.


There is no shortage of companies and individuals worried about having their private information stolen online.

Many companies are willing to invest heavily in a team of security experts to prevent hackers and thieves from breaking into their computer systems. A serious attack could lead to lost money and threats to other more sensitive data. Governments all around the world are also keen to focus on digital security by equipping workers with the relevant ICT skills.

Employees are becoming more and more independent, and are able to be more flexible because of things like cloud computing and mobile technology

Mobile ICT skills

Smartphones have taken mobile technology to the next level. These days, it could be difficult to find someone who doesn’t already use one.

Don’t forget the rise in apps too – the demand for these has soared, and you can find one for pretty much anything. But these apps don’t develop themselves. People like you are needed to develop them, and if you have the right ICT skills, you’ll find companies lining up to hire you.

Decreasing demand

Keep in mind the above trends mean a decrease in some ICT jobs. Senior and middle-management ICT positions may be less sought after because employees are becoming more and more independent. They are able to be more flexible because of things like cloud computing and mobile technology, so the need for these types of workers is on the decline.

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