The role of a lifetime: keeping families together

Join a growing industry: get the qualifications you need for a rewarding career in the child protection services, helping families in crisis.

26 May 2017

An industry in need of the right people

The media has made no bones about the fact that Australia is currently experiencing levels of domestic violence against women that could best be described as of ‘epidemic proportions’. But, what about children?

As an industry, the child protection services industry is crying out for compassionate and qualified people to aid families who need help fostering positive relationships.

Rosie Batty, child protective services
Rosie Batty
Image: Sydney Morning Herald by Thom Rigney

We’re all familiar with Rosie Batty’s story where her son was tragically killed by his own father. Given the public nature of this incident, Rosie has since become well known as a tireless campaigner against family violence in Australia. In a quest to turn this epidemic around, Rosie wants every Australian to make family violence their business.

This is where there is hope, and a bright side. Let’s dive in and see what’s required from child protection officers and what you could typically expect to do in this role.

What skills are required to work in child protection services?

Consider a career in the child protection servicesA core skill that is required to be an effective child protection officer is the ability to be an active listener and to be able to empathise with the child’s point of view. You will also need to become proficient in responding to client needs and case management in a child protection setting.

A day in the life of…

As you gain experience in this field, you will take on a wide range of duties, both in and out of the office. A day in the life of this rewarding career path includes assessing, investigating and managing cases, working with children who are at risk, and potentially introducing measures to protect children, while helping to improve family behaviour.

Meet Kirily: on her way to becoming a child protection officer

Kirily: child protection services
Kirily in action

When Kirily moved from the USA a few years ago, she was searching for work. Knowing she wanted to help people, but not really sure how to translate that desire into reality, she started browsing courses within the community services space. And it was the Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention (CHC50313) that really called out to her.

“There was just something about this course that caught my attention. When I first came across it, I just knew it was meant to be, I really wanted to help families in crisis.”

“I started asking around to find out about getting started in the industry and there was so much positive feedback. Either through word of mouth or from Facebook, people who had studied this course at TAFE loved it.”

Kirily is focused on getting work in the child protection services, and found the course focus on child protection to be perfect. She says that in addition to the coursework, the real world experiences as shared by the teaching staff were very inspiring.

“The teachers I had were amazing to learn from. Their knowledge about helping young people was shared so generously with us, and really helped put the coursework into a real setting.”

Kirily attributes her achievement in completing the course not only due to the teaching staff, but also the two work placements she undertook as part of her studies.

“Having the opportunity to apply what I was learning in a real life situation made a difference to my studies. I now have the confidence to hit the ground running in my first job after graduating, and look forward to being well suited to my chosen career.”

Why wait to make great?

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