The versatility of an accounting degree

A career in number crunching can be one of the most versatile jobs imaginable. Not just limited to finance companies, an accounting degree could be your passport to reliable employment in a number of amazing industries.

25 Aug 2016

Accounting degree abacus
Accounting degrees have come a long way

A career in number crunching is one of the most versatile jobs imaginable. Not just limited to finance companies, an accounting degree is your passport to reliable employment in a number of amazing industries.

The excellent news is the accounting field is in almost constant growth. This makes it a solid choice that is likely to keep you gainfully employed from one financial year to the next. But with a reputation of being ‘safe’, it also has the stigma of being an unexciting profession.

Thing is, it isn’t! Here are four surprising and unexpected paths a career in accounting can take you on that will offer more excitement than the latest Hunger Games instalment.

Forensic accounting

Accounting degree - forensic accounting
Put your investigative mind to work

In this fascinating field, you will delve into puzzling affairs to get to the bottom of financial mysteries. One day you could be providing evidence or supporting claims against crimes such as legal disputes, fraud and tax evasion. This number-crunching super sleuthing career path could be right up your alley if you have a head for figures and a high level of curiosity. Forensic Accounting Queensland gives a great example of how a forensic accounting specialisation comes into play in everyday life. But don’t be fooled; this career path can lead to incredibly high-profile cases involving celebrities or even national security.

Sports accounting

If you want to earn a living through the big league but haven’t yet been discovered as a star sportsperson, an accounting degree could be your Plan B. Professional sports people and teams need bean counters to budget and forecast, negotiate salaries and finance promotional events and merchandising. An obvious bonus to working in this industry is access to excellent tickets at reduced prices. Not to mention having the opportunity to meet some of your sporting heroes. If you’re looking for more inspiration, Anthony Bell, one of Australia’s top celebrity accountants talked to Dynamic Business about his secret to success. He provides financial services to some of our home-grown sporting royalty such as Michael Clarke and Phil Kearns.

Accounting and the arts

accounting degree - savings boy
Everyone needs help to manage their financial affairs

From fashion to film and back again, there is no shortage of fabulous accounting jobs within the cultural world. If managing movie budgets, purchasing gorgeous materials or calculating record label revenue sounds like you, then this might be what makes you tick. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand gives more advice about working with your favourite brand in the fashion space.
For those who fancy themselves a financial career in the music industry, why not consider incorporating a Diploma of Music Business (CUS50309) to your degree to really hit the right note?

Teaching accounting

Love accounting, but not offices? No worries. You don’t have to hang out in a boardroom. If working in a finance team doesn’t really appeal, consider becoming an accounting teacher at secondary or higher education levels. Combine your love of numbers with education and play a role in honing future financial minds in their development stages.

The nature of an accounting degree

Accounting degree lecturer Jennifer French
One of our very own accounting lecturers, Jennifer French

One of our very own lecturers, Jennifer French, says that the nature of an accounting degree opens you up to a broad range of career options with just one skill set. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t – all you need is qualifications and an idea of the industry you’d like to work in. The chances are they need accountants!

‘It’s such a broad occupation and it can lead to so many things. That’s the thing with accounting, you don’t just become an accountant,’ she said.

‘You can do anything from banking to being a specialised auditor or forensic accountant. You can be a management accountant or a tax accountant, you can be a financial planner, or a teacher, it’s extremely broad.’

Given transferable skills are key to adapting to changing job markets, it’s a future-proofed career option.

‘I had no idea how flexible the industry was when I started. If you’re an accountant for a firm it doesn’t mean you can’t all of a sudden become a teacher, or a banker, or a business owner. You’ve got that flexibility with an accounting degree. It’s a great qualification or that.’

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