What can you do with a Business Diploma?

The business sector is the Neapolitan ice-cream of the career world, there’s a little something in there for everyone.

29 Mar 2015

Grab yourself a bowl and some sprinkles – we’re about to serve up a sundae of delightful career paths for you to meander down after graduating with your business diploma.

Finance and Accounting

business diploma iconBusiness and finance go hand-in-hand like a choc-top and frozen coke, so making the leap to accounting isn’t too much of stretch. A lot of the same principles apply and you’ll be working in a similar environment. Finance may require some additional skills but you are likely to have covered a lot of the basic principles while studying for your business diploma. These tend not to be too intensive, and if you’re lucky, you might find a company willing to pay for your necessary training. It’s like adding a few sprinkles, kind of the same but with a little extra crunch and colour.

Marketing and Advertising

business diploma iconAgain, it’s unlikely to be too much of a leap. Marketing is all about selling and advertising, two crucial components for any enterprise. Marketing is best looked at as a branch of business – you can’t really have one without the other. It’s the banana split of the business world. Bananas and ice-cream are delicious individually, but together they’re unstoppable. Fortunately skills such as analysis and reporting are interchangeable, so your business diploma will put you on fairly equal footing with your peers with marketing qualifications.

It is quite a difficult industry to break into, but there are a number of opportunities for people innovative enough to turn a humble piece of fruit into a dessert of the gods.

Whatever your flavour preference might be, you’re sure to find a tasty career option with business.

Human Resources

business diploma iconThis occupation is a little further away from your diploma and will require a little more adaptation. It’s like the lemon sorbet of business. It’s not exactly ice-cream but a truly heavenly option in it’s own right. It’s important for you to be good with people, particularly managing them. Your organisational abilities need to be impeccable. HR isn’t for everyone, but if you love working with people, it’s definitely a viable career option for you.


business diploma iconEveryone in the business world is selling something, and nothing says ‘sell’ quite like retail. Every skill you’ve acquired will be relevant to a career in this sector. It’s the waffle cone of business because no matter what you pack into it, it’s going to be delicious. Retail outlets all over the world offer graduate schemes for those with business qualifications because they know you’ll be coming to the table with the perfect waffly foundation needed to build a successful career.

No matter which way you go, you’re sure to find a tasty career option with a business diploma. Don’t be afraid to cover everything with sprinkles and throw a cherry on top. You deserve it.

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